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School Commences 2015


1. ​What are the school start dates?  ​​

Tuesday 27th January Years 7-9 ONLY from 8.55am
Wednesday 28th January FULL SCHOOL from 8.55am

2. Where do I go at the start of the school day?

On Tuesday 27th all years 7-9 students should assemble in the Activities Centre near the Mabb St entrance to the school, for a Junior Secondary assembly commencing at 8:55am.
For Year 7/8 students who did not attend Orientation Day, please make yourself known to your Deputy Principal Mr Brett Gordon and he will assist you to find your class.  For new students make yourself known to a teacher and they will assist you.

On Wednesday 28th January students in Years 10 -12 should go to the Activities Centre for a Senior School Assembly at 8:55am. Students new to the school should make themselves known to a teacher in the Activities Centre, and we will assist you to find your class. Students in year 7-9 will go straight to their timetabled period 1 class on Wednesday.

3. What do I wear on day 1?

Year 7 – wear your formal uniform. On day 1 you will not be following your regular timetable but instead doing further orientation activities.

Year 8 – wear your formal uniform if you don’t have HPE, and your sport uniform if you have HPE.

Year 9 - wear your formal uniform if you don’t have HPE, and your sport uniform if you have HPE.

4. What food will be available on day 1?

The tuckshop will be open as usual.

It is always a good idea to bring a water bottle

On Tuesday 27th the Year 7 - 9 will be having a welcome BBQ and Iceblock –cost is $2 for sausage and bread and 50c for the ice block.

5. What books should I bring on day 1?

Year 7 – pencil case, exercise book
Year 8 – pencil case, and two exercise books
Year 9 – as appropriate for period 2, 3, 4

6. Is there a role for parents on day 1?

No, not specifically. Please aim to drop your child off at the hall at approximately 8.45am, and then you are free to go. Please check your child’s bag each night for additional information that may come home regarding getting started at our school.

7. Is there any help to get my child to the bus in the afternoon?

All students in years 7 and 8 will assemble back in the Activities Centre at the end of the day on Tuesday. Students catching buses will be taken by teachers to the appropriate bus stops. Please ensure your child knows exactly the bus number, the bus company, and the name of the road the bus leaves from.

8. If my child catches the late bus, what do they do? 

Students who catch the late buses must report to the library or the covered area outside the library between 3 – 3:30pm. After this time they are released to go to their bus stop at Mabb St with a teacher on duty.

9. Where do I collect my child from at the end of day 1?

Students in year 7 and 8 will be in an assembly at the end of the day, so that we can help students find the correct bus to return home. 
Years 7 will be under the new Junior Secondary Building.
Year 8s will be under C block (closer to the Dumbarton St entrance)
Year 9 will be in normal timetabled classes