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​Your teachers will use the symbols below to provide feedback on your writing. Circles / underlines (or squiggly underlines) indicate problems with specific words or phrases. Follow the links to relevant helpsheets.

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​Symbol Meaning​ ​Literacy Toolkit Helpsheets
W/C Word Choice:  This word is not well chosen.  It’s weak, repetitive or misused. Use thesaurus and dictionary CAREFULLY.

REPETITION avoiding it.pdf

see also:
Joey's Thesaurus


(NAS and TLS)

Sentence Construction: This is not a well structured sentence. Read aloud.
Not A Sentence / Too Long Sentence. 

SENTENCES basic rules.pdf

HOWEVER how to punctuate it.pdf

SENTENCES subject verb agreement.pdf

SENTENCES varying word order.pdf

​SP Spelling:  This word is incorrectly spelt.  Use your dictionary to check spelling. Beware of homophones.

SPELLING common errors.pdf

SPELLING rules.pdf

​P Punctuation:  This writing is punctuated incorrectly. 

PUNCTUATION apostrophe.pdf

PUNCTUATION , ; - and :.pdf

PUNCTUATION ? and !.pdf

​TENSE Verb Tense:  Maintain one tense throughout your writing. Use present tense to discuss texts, past tense for historical events. TENSE.pdf                               ​
​AWK ​Your expression does not flow fluently.  It’s awkward. Read aloud and rethink word choice / word order and sentence construction.

SENTENCES basic rules.pdf

SENTENCES subject verb agreement.pdf

SENTENCES varying word order.pdf

​^ Something Left Out:  Poor proof reading means you do not catch careless errors, such as words omitted from your draft.  ​ DRAFTING like you care.pdf
​Co Cohesion problem. The ideas within the paragraph / text do not flow / link correctly.
You need to transition between concepts.

CONNECTIVES for cohesion.pdf

HOWEVER how to punctuate it.pdf

ESSAY basic structure.pdf

​E.g.? Example:  Provide an example as evidence to support this claim. QUOTATIONS.pdf
​D ​You need to develop this idea, either through more detailed analysis or by further explanation. ESSAY basic structure.pdf
​R Repetition of words or ideas. You must vary language / content. ​ REPETITION avoiding it.pdf
​RtT Refer to Thesis. ESSAY basic structure.pdf
→| Indent. Move this text in from the margin. Use tab key. QUOTATIONS.pdf
LC / UC​ ​Capital letters issue. Change the indicated letter to lower or UPPER case. ​
​? or X Check Ideas:  This is wrong or at least doubtful. Your expression is clouded, or you have not checked the facts carefully. ​



​Begin a New Paragraph here.
Begin a New Sentence here. ​
​JUSTIFY Justification in the form of reasons backed by evidence is required to substantiate the point being made. ​
​R/R ​In-text reference required:  The source of your information should be included. APA format is: (author surname, year of publication) ​