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​​​Kenmore State High School prides itself on being an education leader. As we commemorate 50 years of Kenmore State High School this year, we are proud to introduce a legacy not only for current students, but for generations to come. 

​The State Schools Improvement Strategy 2022–2026: Every student succeeding​ has its foundation on aligned, precision and intentional collaboration – the deliberate actions we take to work together, learn together and improve together. Kenmore State High School’s Strategic Plan 2023 – 2026 will build on these improvement strategies and sets our course into the second half of this decade. The 2023- 2026 Strategic Plan will drive many exciting improvements in student learning and includes a change to school routine. 

Commencing in Term 1, 2022, the school has implemented a new finish time for all students on Monday afternoons. Classes will end at 2:15pm on Monday, after which time, teachers dedicate the remaining 45 minutes to teacher collaboration. 

There is no change to the dedicated teaching time for learning areas. This new period of time allocated specifically to teachers will result in more curriculum collaboration for our students, more teacher collaboration to best support classroom performance, alignment and planning opportunities, and the implementation of new learning ideas and techniques, to get the very best outcomes for every student. 

While the role and demands on teachers has changed dramatically over recent decades, the number of hours allocated to class preparation and correction time hasn’t changed since 1976. Our teachers are working harder than ever and welcome this change. Our parent and student community has also embraced this change. Kenmore State High School is excited to implement this change to Monday class times and to reap the long-term benefits for our students in “Education for Life”. 

Please refer to the school’s class times, which includes an overview of Monday’s updated timetable.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will lessons be affected on Monday afternoons as a result of the new finishing time?
Students will still participate fully in the current curriculum. The main change will affect school assemblies. As a result of feedback from our students, one “whole of school” assembly will be held once a month instead of weekly “year-based” assemblies. Therefore, there will be no loss of face-to-face teaching for students. 

How will my child get home at the new finishing time?
Both Brisbane City Council and Southern Cross Bus Lines will collect students on Monday afternoons at 2:15pm and drop them home before completing the broader route. As a result, KSHS students will be home earlier and can possibly use the time for homework and study, part time work shifts or down time. 

Will after school activities or care be offered on Monday afternoons from 2:15pm? 
No. At this point in time there is no commitment to offer extra activities. All students are expected to leave the school grounds as every teacher will be involved in the collaboration initiative. 

Will the school grounds be supervised after 2:15pm on Mondays? Can my child stay at school until 3pm?
No. There will be no supervision at school at this time. 

Has this worked in other schools?
Yes, a number of Queensland high schools, including Brisbane State High School, acknowledge both scholastic benefits and positives outcomes for students and teachers. 

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Last reviewed 21 January 2022
Last updated 21 January 2022