Term 2: Continuity of Learning


Dear Parents and Guardians,

On Monday 13th April, the Queensland Government decided that, in order to reinforce social distancing across the community and slow the spread of COVID-19, students will move to a home-based learning model from Monday 20 April 2020 until at least Friday 22 May 2020 (Weeks 1 to 5 of Term 2). During this period, all students who are able to be supervised at home and learn from home are to stay home. This means that if you are working from home (i.e. not attending your workplace) your child should be at home not at school. The exceptions to this are: children of essential workers, on days when they are not able to be supervised at home and no other arrangements can be made, and vulnerable students. A decision about the remainder of Term 2 will be made by mid-May.

Kenmore SHS has prepared for this occurrence. Our school will be delivering online learning from the first day back. We have been working hard and are well positioned to do this with our OneNote platform and some new technologies we will introduce. Please be aware that we do not have the capacity to operate in dual modes i.e. to offer this online environment and traditional face to face teaching in a classroom at the same time. Therefore all students will be working from an online model. However we do understand that students of some essential workers will need to physically attend school. I need to be clear that this means that students of essential workers who attend the school will not be in front of their classroom teachers in the same physical space.

I want to reiterate that our school operating hours are the same when working from home. This means that students should follow their timetabled lessons and times. Routine is important for students, staff and their families. Please post up in their workspace the Continuous Learning Guides (see below) to assist you and your child to connect to these routines and learning. Work will be available in their OneNote from the scheduled start time of each lesson and their responses to each lesson will be expected by their teachers. Students who attend school during this period will be supervised in an open classroom space in S Block, ensuring appropriate social distancing measures are in place. Our observations from last term would indicate that social distancing issues are not classroom based but become a challenge during student break and socialising times. Social distancing during break times will be the students’ responsibility and you should rely on your child to be responsible to adhere to these expectations. Students who come to school are to go to the undercover area of S Block. Students attending will require headphones from day 1 and headsets with microphone from week 2. Students attending are required to be in uniform and are to bring their own food as the canteen will not be available initially. You should also check the website of your current bus company for updates on transport arrangements.

Students will start work in OneNote as per their timetable from day 1 of term 2. From week 2, our students will have the wonderful opportunity to engage in interactive tutorials with their teachers and classmates at least once per week.  This will occur via the Departmental approved iSee platform. Please see the iSee Parent Letter for details around this platform and be assured we will send weekly updates for parents to support their child’s involvement. 

It is important for students to note that they must check in each school day prior to 9:00am via Education Perfect to confirm their attendance and readiness for the day. Heads of Year will set tasks for students each morning to respond to. This will be the first check we will take to see who has engaged , as expected, for the day. We will follow up with families if attendance is not confirmed (via student responses in Education Perfect by 9 am) and there has been no parental confirmation of absence. Please contact the office as per usual practice if your child is unwell and unable to undertake learning for that day.

We want our students to continue to access quality learning and feel connected to their school community.  At Kenmore SHS, we have a strong academic program with a suite of core learning platforms that our students regularly engage with and this forms the basis of our work this term. However, you should also feel confident in these uncertain times that the social-emotional wellbeing of your child/ren is at the core of all the planning we have done. Please know that we are here to support you and your children. With our preparation and guidance and your support, I am confident that students will continue to learn and grow in Term 2.

Your proud Executive Principal,
Mr Paul Robertson

To support our students and families, we should mirror routines expected whilst at school. Therefore, we have provided the following guides for our students and their families.

Continuous Learning Guides

Please refer to the parent and student guides below, to support the continuous learning experience, with daily routines and wellbeing focus.

Click here to download the Daily Student Guide (PDF, 813KB)

Click here to download the Experience Student Guide (PDF, 813KB)

Click here to download the Parent Guide (PDF, 810KB)


We will continue our communication with you through our website, newsletters, emails and Facebook. You can also stay informed through the QSchools app.

The QSchools app integrates with the school website, and allows you to see when news, events and newsletters are posted to the school website. You can also receive push notifications and emergency announcements including school closures through the app. To download the app visit the application store for your iPhone/iPad, Android or Windows PC device.

Students will communicate with teachers through their OneNote and iSee platforms.

In these difficult times there may be a number of our families in unusual, unpredictable and uncertain circumstances. And, because we know you will have many questions we may not have answered, I would encourage you to send these to so that we may respond to your questions and your family’s circumstances. In these times, it is important that our school community supports our community. We have a dedicated support team looking to respond. Please let us know how we can help.

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Curriculum Delivery in OneNote and iSee

Students will be accessing their subject content via their OneNote platforms. As best as we are able, the intention is to provide for our students as close to practical the sense of structure and normality of a current school day.

Students will be receiving advice from us that they will be able to view the content for each lesson as per their timetabled lessons throughout the week. That is, if they have English (for example) on Monday period 1, they will be able to see at least 70 minutes of class work on the OneNote by 9:05 am that day. Therefore, we encourage each student and parent to set and follow a regular school-structured day. This will be important for students and their families for consistency of administering routines and practices during this period and for when we return to school.

iSee Tutorials

Teachers will make themselves available one lesson per week in a tutorial to communicate with students in real time in the iSee platform. This will be rostered to maximise the opportunities for students to engage actively in a spread across the week. This provides an opportunity for check-in questions, feedback on student work and explanation of concepts and misunderstandings. We encourage all students to participate, but appreciate it may not be possible for everyone.

From Week 2, we have scheduled one tutorial session with each student's teacher in every subject area. Class teachers will email students directly to let them know which lesson of the week their tutorial will be. Students need to write these into the iSee Tutorial Schedule (PDF, 68KB) so they are organised for Week 2.  This will ensure students are ready and signed in at the right time, each day. 

Internet Connections and iSee Platform
You should have installed and accessed iSee in Week 1 based on instructions previously sent  - refer to the iSee Student and Parent Information (PDF, 1.54MB)If you are having trouble, please try this iSee troubleshooting guide in the first instance. If you are unable to resolve an issue yourself please contact our ICT Helpdesk (

Positive Attitude and Perseverance 
Teachers have been preparing in this platform for a short amount of time.  It is new for students too. All teachers acknowledge the challenges you’ve experienced with online learning in Week 1. We are hopeful our planning for this face to face, interactive platform will result in a positive experience in Week 2 and beyond. As you have this week, please be patient and persistent. Remember we are all learning in this environment together and the first session is about learning how to use iSee, the expectations of behaviour in the tutorial and an update on Week 1 learning. Students are reminded to be courteous and kind when they log in and wait for their teacher’s instructions. 

Expectations for Delivery of Learning

School work will be provided for each planned lesson in the usual week (3 x 70 minutes for a typical class).

This work will be provided through the Class OneNote platform (see previous statement regarding weekly tutorial) and uploaded in clearly organised tabs and pages. Each lesson will have questions to check for understanding that students will need to respond to so that we can monitor engagement and learning.

Students will work online with the classes they currently have on their timetable (a copy of their timetable was emailed to them again prior to the holidays). The Year 11 Vocational Educational Program on Monday at 1:55pm and Year 10 Career Education Program on Thursday at 9:05am will continue. Heads of Year will deliver Morning CARE and extended CARE (student wellbeing program) content and activities to students. Sport (Year 7 to 9) and FLX (Year 12 only) will not be delivered in the online environment.

We have given careful consideration to how the provision of information in OneNote, that is not delivered face to face, will be received by teenagers. We know that checks for understanding (mastery questions/quizzes/reviews etc.) will help engage students and help teachers check on the acquisition of concepts/topics.

Further options such as interactive platforms (Education Perfect/Quizlet) and videos (ClickView) will help engage students and explain concepts that may be difficult to read and understand.

It is natural that students will want to continue to question, clarify, gain feedback and as such feedback will be given in a timely manner in the OneNote before the next scheduled lesson or within the next lesson. This does not apply to drafting or completed assessment feedback, where normal school practices still apply.

I.T Support

Our ICT Helpdesk staff will continue to support students via the email address.


Note that in many subjects Term 1 results may reflect an interrupted assessment schedule, and an achievement result may be based on formative tests, in-class work and teacher observations.


Exam style assessment tasks in years 7-10 will be amended to another mode.

Students will be informed about how they are submitting assessment (SafeAssign, OneNote, email, SharePoint etc.) in individual subjects electronically. This will mean a clear trail of communication outlining what the process is and a help guide will be available.

The National Assessment Program—Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) that is normally sat by students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 will not be held in 2020 due to disruption caused by COVID-19.

Senior Assessment

Year 11

Many Year 11 students have not yet completed Term 1 assessment due to the postponement of the exam block. In the event that this exam block is cancelled in Term 2 due to prolonged closure, exam style assessment tasks in year 11 will be amended to another mode. Dates for assessment may be adjusted in some subjects to accommodate these changes. Our Year 11 learning program will continue to be delivered in full to prepare students for senior assessment in the ATAR system.

Year 12

In response to the evolving COVID-19 situation, the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) has now provided advice to schools regarding the decision to reduce the number of internal assessment items for the 2020 year.

This means that final subject results in general subjects will be calculated from two internal assessments and one external assessment.

In Essential English and Essential Maths, it will be two internal assessments and a common internal assessment developed by the QCAA.

In all other applied subjects it will be three internal assessments.

Teachers and Heads of Departments have adjusted their learning program and made decisions in the best interests of the students in response to these new guidelines. The changes to assessment and assessment dates will be specific to each subject, however this has meant changes to the program of preparation for students in all cases leading to the external exams in Term 4.

The QCAA’s Parent and student FAQs page can be found at:

Click here to view the QCAA's Parent and Student FAQs page

Differentiation in an Online Space

Staff from the Teaching and Learning Support Department (TALS) and English as Additional Language / Dialogue (EAL/D) staff will continue to work with students and families in an online environment. Inclusion teachers will maintain contact with students with high support needs and will be available to assist where needed to support students with disabilities. All teachers will continue to cater for the many and varied learning abilities within their classes. Support teachers will be working with classroom teachers on strategies to assist with differentiation of work for their learners.

What adjustments are being made for students?

  • Using visuals and graphic organisers
  • Providing appropriate work for individual ability
  • Encouraging students to work with a peer through an online environment
  • Moving to online learning platforms where applicable
  • Available for contact via email
  • Providing a scribe as needed
  • Print activity sheets out if preferable
  • Breaking down tasks into smaller chunks
  • Make a “to do” list for each activity
  • Set a time limit and return – give breaks

EALD Support

  • EAL/D tutorials will still run throughout the week. Students will have access to their EAL/D teachers.
  • EAL/D staff will also be in touch with teachers of EAL/EQI students regarding modification of any assessment for their needs as well as wellbeing checks.

What support can parents provide for their students?

  • Keep a record of your student’s login and passwords for online learning platforms
  • Email classroom teachers for clarification regarding work unless otherwise specified
  • Keep completed work as evidence of learning or submit it as stated by the classroom teacher (e.g., completed activity sheets or scanning of completed activity sheets, photos of students engaging in learning activities, videos)
  • Encouraging students to use Assistive Technology (e.g. One Note Immersive Reader and Dictation Tools) if they have difficulty with reading or writing.

NOTE: If your student is having difficulty with accessing their work, please contact relevant classroom teachers sooner rather than later.

Student Welfare and Support

All student welfare concerns are to be directed to Julie Savage (Deputy Principal) and Guidance Officers via email

Our Guidance Officers will continue to work with students and the parents of students.

Please continue to check our website for resources and updates regarding student and community wellbeing.

COVID-19 Mental Health and Wellbeing Support Resources

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Last reviewed 23 April 2020
Last updated 23 April 2020