Year 7, 2021 Enrolment Interviews

This year our enrolment process has looked a little different with documentation submitted online. While we have received and processed these applications, we would like to take the opportunity to meet our incoming students, in person, to support their transition to high school. We would like to invite all accepted Year 7 (2021) enrolments only to participate in an Enrolment Interview at the beginning of Term 4.

Interviews will take place on Saturday 17 October, 2020 between 8am and 3pm and interviews will be 15 minutes in duration

In light of the current situation, there will be no on-site parking available. Please park on Mabb St, Dumbarton Drive and surrounding streets. 

This year we are using our internet-based booking system called School Online Bookings System (SOBS). Using this system you will be able to book the interview time that suits you best from any internet-connected computer or phone. Please follow the SOBS Year 7 2021 Enrolment Interview Booking Instructions (PDF, 387KB). Should you not have internet access, you can phone (07) 3327 1555 (during school hours) or email and we will enter the data into SOBS for you. We strongly encourage you to make bookings yourself online if possible; you will find it quick and easy.   

Please note the following timeframe for booking Year 7, 2021 Enrolment Interviews through SOBS. Bookings cannot be made online or by phone before the opening date/time or after the closing date/time.   

SOBS bookings open: 9.00am Monday 14 September 2020 

SOBS bookings close: 11.59pm Wednesday 7 October 2020 

Please ensure you book the correct SOBS interview based on your acceptance letter/program offer:  
  • Mainstream  
  • KEN-X  
  • GIP (German Immersion Program)  
  • MEX (Music Extension Program)                
  • TALS (Teaching and Learning Support) – verified students (e.g. ASD, hearing impaired) and students with diagnosed learning difficulties (e.g. dyslexia, ADHD). Please note that TALS interviews will be 30 minutes in duration.  
If your child has been accepted into the KEN-X Program, please book a KEN-X interview. If your child has been accepted into the GIP and MEX Program you may book either a MEX or GIP enrolment interview. 

Please note the following points about SOBS booking system: 
  • Only one enrolment interview booking per student is required 
  • 1 guardian/parent to accompany interviewee  
  • You will only see timeslots which are available at the time you are using the system. As timeslots are booked, those timeslots are no longer displayed as available.   
  • You can log in and change the booking any time up to the closing date and time: 11.59pm Wednesday 7 October 2020 
  • Other parents may be making bookings at the same time that you are using the system. It is possible, though unlikely, that a timeslot is displayed to you as available, but is then booked by another parent shortly afterwards. If you then attempt to book this timeslot it will not be available and a message will be displayed to indicate this.   
  • If you encounter any problems using SOBS please notify the school office, preferably via email at  

COVID-safe practices will be implemented to ensure the safety of staff, students and parents: 
  • 1 guardian/parent to accompany interviewee  
  • Where possible, please do not bring any additional children  
  • Arrive 5 minutes before your scheduled interview  
  • Sign in with the staff outside of S block  
  • Proceed to the waiting area under S block, and stand on the markers according to your interview timeslot  
  • Depart using the S Block foyer doors  
  • Cleaning will occur after each interview  
  • Hand sanitiser will be provided  
We look forward to meeting you and your student on Saturday 17 October, 2020.  
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Last reviewed 14 September 2020
Last updated 14 September 2020