Year 7


In 2015, Year 7 became part of high school under the Queensland Government’s Flying Start for Queensland Children program. Listed below are some responses to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the Junior secondary transition (Year 7 into high school) at Kenmore State High School.

Education Queensland's Flying Start video, outlining the experiences of Cerys, a year 7 student who was part of the high school trial at Murrumba State Secondary College may be of interest to you.

Frequently asked questions

Do signature programs such as German Immersion, Music Extension, ICE (laptop) & Zenith operate in year 7?

Yes. The signature programs continue to be a cornerstone of Kenmore SHS's approach to educational excellence. All specialist programs will run Year 7–9.

The German Immersion Program is currently accepting applications. Please contact our Head of Languages Mr John Barker for more information. Please note that GIEP has a separate application and interview process. GIEP applicants still need to attend Open Day and an enrolment interview as noted above. Applications for Zenith, ICE and Music Extension are not accepted before Open Day.

What is Kenmore State High School's catchment?

For more information on our Enrolment management plan, including our catchment, please refer to Education Queensland's website.

Who do I speak to about my child who has a verified disability?

Follow the regular enrolment processes and contact our Head of Special Education Services, Ms Karla Pope, to arrange an interview.

What strategies / programs does Kenmore SHS offer to help transition students to high school?

We offer various programs to help students with high school transition. Our Essentials (Life Skills) program includes various lessons designed to assist new students in adjusting to high school, including study and organisation skills, anti-bullying and library orientation. We also have a 'senior buddy' program ('TIP' - The Inter-year Program) where older students run activities to help new students settle in and get to know each other.

Do year 7s have their own building?

Education Queensland has developed a purpose-built facility for Junior secondary. Students in Year 7 and 8 often have classes in this block, but also move around the school to access specialist facilities such as science labs, physical education, home economics, music and art.

Do the Year 7s and 8s have a designated space at lunch breaks?

The area underneath and around the new Year 7 building is designated as a Year 7 only area. This provides them with a safe environment to get to know each other, eat lunch and participate in various lunch activities. Year 8s are provided a similar space underneath the existing Science facility (C block).

What is the length of the school day?

The current school day is 8.55am to 3pm.

Where can I go to get more information about Junior secondary?

For more information consult Education Queensland's Flying Start for Queensland Children website or contact Angela Malone (Head of Department – Junior secondary).

Last reviewed 21 December 2018
Last updated 21 December 2018