Enrolling at our school


Thank you for your interest in enrolling at Kenmore State High School. If you intend to enrol your child in 2021, please refer to the enrolment procedures for new students in 2021.

Kenmore State High School's 2021 Open Day will be held on Sunday 23 May. The Year 7, 2022 enrolment process commences on Open Day with Enrolment Application Booklets being distributed and information sessions being held on this day. More information about Open Day and Year 7 in 2022 enrolment processes will be announced early Term 2, 2021. 

All new students in 2021

Thank you for your interest in our exceptional school. Students starting in any year level in 2021—initially complete an Application for Enrolment Form (PDF, 430KB) and submit it to the Principal for approval, along with all supporting documentation listed. 

Email your completed Application for Enrolment Form with all supporting documentation to

Once the Principal has approved the application to enrol, you will be required to print and submit an Enrolment Application Booklet and an enrolment interview will be booked with a staff member. 

Before you apply

Please review these documents carefully to ensure you have the required information to support the enrolment application:

Enrolling into Year 11 or 12

When a student moves from one school to another whilst enrolled in the senior phase of learning, a number of factors must be considered to ensure a smooth transition within the new QCE system. Students applying to enrol from Term 2 Year 11 and beyond when changing from a previous school to Kenmore State High School, are required to submit detailed information with regard to their previous learning credits and academic history at their previous school. 

Please complete the New Enrolments to Senior Schooling QCE System Application Form (PDF, 660KB) and return it to the school administration office with the Application for Enrolment Form (PDF, 430KB).

Enrolling into Year 12

Students entering Kenmore State High School into Year 12 from another school will need to be assessed with regard to the completion of units in the new QCE system.

As Kenmore State High School commences Unit 3 in Term 4 of Year 11, it is highly advantageous for a new student enrolling into Year 12 to have completed the relevant Unit 3 internal assessment items at their previous school. 

Enrolment interview

You will be contacted to arrange an enrolment interview once the Principal has approved the application to enrol.

The interview will be about 15 to 20 minutes duration, is student focused and aimed at sharing information so that the school can better cater for the needs of each individual student. 

Re-enrolments or repeating a year level

Students seeking to re-enrol or repeat a year level—complete an application for repeat or returning students (PDF, 393KB) or update enrolment details.

The school operates an enrolment management plan. To check your eligibility to enrol, please check the Department of Education enrolment management plan (EMP) for Kenmore State High School.

Contact Us

Office hours are 8.00am to 3:30pm Monday to Friday

Phone | 07 3327 1555 

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