Enrolling at our school


Every new student enrolment at Kenmore State High School involves parents making an application for enrolment and attending an interview with their child and a member of the School administration. While all the necessary information is available online, an enrolment package is available for postal delivery.

Year 7 - Enrolments for 2019

Students enrolling for Year 7 2019 need to attend an enrolment interview, held on Saturday, 18 August 2018.

Please phone the main office on (07) 3327 1555 to make an appointment ASAP, as this will greatly assist us with our preparations for Year 7 cohort of 2019. If you were unable to attend our Open Day, the enrolment documentation is available on this page, or can be collected from the school office.

Before you attend your interview you will need to have:

Read the Parent reference guide (PDF, 1.5MB) and completed the Year 7 2019 enrolment guide (PDF, 2.2MB) made a decision regarding mainstream or signature programs, photocopied all relevant documentation needed for the interview. Read the Junior secondary curriculum handbook (PDF, 427KB) and completed the yellow subject selection (PDF, 285KB) form. Please also complete the Unique student identifier (USI) creation form (PDF, 232KB) and attach to your completed enrolment documentation.

If your student is applying for Music extension (MEX) please complete the MEX application form (PDF, 248KB).

In addition KEN-X applicants must complete a 45 minute Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) test on the day of their interview and complete 2 written questions. You do this immediately before or after your interview. Refer to the Enrolment guide (PDF, 2.2MB) for more information on application requirements for the Ken-X program.

For students who live a long distance from the school (Interstate, International, another part of Queensland) and are unable to attend on the 18 August, the school will make an appointment for you at the earliest convenient time.

Enrolment interview

The interview can be booked through the school office during working hours by calling (07) 3327 1555.

The interview will be about 15 to 20 minutes duration, is student focused and aimed at sharing information so that the school can better cater for the needs of each individual student. You will need to bring the following items to the interview:

  • completed enrolment guide
  • report cards (the previous two years) and Year 5 NAPLAN report copy
  • medical information including Medicare number copy
  • information about special needs including documentation (if relevant) copy
  • birth certificate copy
  • 2 x proof of address (e.g. recent rates notice, electricity bill, tenancy notice) copy
  • residency information (passport and appropriate visa, if relevant) copy.

Please ensure you have copies of all the aforementioned documentation, where 'copy' is stated.

All new Year 8–12 students 2018

Students starting in any year level in 2018—initially complete an application to enrol form (PDF, 429KB) and submit it to the principal for approval.

Once the principal has approved the application to enrol, an interview will be booked with a Guidance officer.

Re-enrolments or repeating a year level

Students seeking to re-enrol or repeat a year level—complete an application for repeat or returning students (PDF, 393KB) or update enrolment details.

The school operates an enrolment management plan. To check your eligibility to enrol, please check the Department of Education enrolment management plan (EMP) for Kenmore State High School.

Last reviewed 21 December 2018
Last updated 21 December 2018