Mission and values


We, the students, staff, parents and community of Kenmore High have committed to a statement of philosophy and objectives as the cornerstone for our school.

Kenmore High Vision

Schooling at Kenmore High will be a happy and inspiring experience, a time and place where every young person develops a real sense of spirit and belonging. Our vision is for our young people to be influential locally and prepared to transform the world. We want our school to make a difference for each and every student, now and in the future. Our motto is Education for Life.

We will achieve our vision because:

  • we have a strong foundation of values by which we live
  • we provide a world-class education
  • we focus on quality outcomes for students.

Foundation of values

Our values are:

  • Excellence - We are committed to personal excellence.
  • Learning - Everything we do is focused on discovering, growing and improving.
  • Integrity - We act with respect, dignity and fairness, demonstrating trustworthiness and responsibility.
  • Belonging - Each person has the opportunity and support to succeed as a member of a just and equitable community.
  • Partnerships - We create a network of local, regional and international support to build a strong sense of community.

We are committed to personal excellence and expect each person to strive for their best. We believe in setting high standards and providing quality support to help people reach those standards and experience success. The school provides an extensive range of high quality opportunities and experiences so our students maximise creative options for their futures.

Kenmore High School is all about learning. We believe that all people can learn. Each individual has special qualities, interests and character to be developed. We provide learning experiences in all aspects of life. Young people at Kenmore High will experience learning that is future-focused, enterprising and transferable to the range of situations they will encounter. We believe that young people learn best when they have structure as well as space and time to foster creativity - time to think and grow. We think that learning should be inspirational, challenging and fun.

We insist on personal integrity. Each person at Kenmore High is expected to act with respect and dignity, and demonstrate trustworthiness and responsibility. We expect staff, parents, students and supporters to act with a high-level of personal integrity, modelling the best standards in personal behaviour.

Every person at Kenmore High has the right to a strong sense of belonging. This occurs when each person has the opportunity to express themselves and to learn to appreciate others whilst treating others fairly and being treated fairly. It also occurs when each person knows our school provides a safe environment for them to create their own identity within a community that values diversity and promotes equity.

We believe partnerships create a local, regional and international support network. Partnerships are vital to building a strong sense of community where young people can exercise their emerging influence with the surety of support. The people involved in these partnerships bring a richness to the school experience. Partners are welcomed as important members of our learning community.

Kenmore State High School philosophy

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Philosophy diagram

Last reviewed 09 March 2020
Last updated 09 March 2020