​​​Kenmore State High School provides many volunteering opportunities for parents, caregivers and community members to support our students and our school. Opportunities include volunteering at the Tuckshop, fundraising BBQs and school events such as the World's Greatest Shave. 

Please carefully read the information below and follow the application process if you intend on volunteering your time and services to Kenmore State High School, where you will not physically be with your student at all times while present at the school.

COVID-19 requirements

​Upon entry to the school, all volunteers must check in using the Check-in Qld app and must show proof of vaccination. All contractors and volunteers to the school need to have at least one vaccination dose by 17 December 2021 and be fully vaccinated by 23 January 2022. Copies of vaccination certificates do not need to be kept by the school. However, we will need to keep a record that the vaccination evidence has been sighted as part of visitor management systems.

How do I access my COVID-19 vaccination evidence? 

Fully vaccinated means having received two doses of an approved COVID-19 vaccine. The COVID-19 Digital Certificate or immunisation history statement can be viewed and/or printed through: 

  • Check In QLD app
  • Medicare Online via MyGov
  • Express Plus Medicare mobile app
  • My Health Record​

​Applying for a Blue Card

  • Please visit the QLD Government ​​Working with Children Blue Card website​ to apply for a Volunteer Blue Card and create an account.​​​​
  • Once you have been provided with an account number, please download and complete the Link a person to your organisation form (PDF, 180KB)​
  • Before submitting the completed form, please refer to the “Declaration of organisation representative” heading on page 2 and initial/sign next to the last two dot points listed, namely: 
    • ​“the information I have provided is true and correct; and”
    • “I understand that it is an offence to provide a false or misleading statement or document.”
    • Please do not sign the form in the ​signatory box, the Principal will do so once the application is received. ​​
    • For instructions on how to initial/sign electronically, visit Adobe's Sign a PDF​ page. 
  • Email the completed form to​
  • Contact the school staff member who is the event coordinator, to indicate your willingness to volunteer as he/she will need to advise the Principal.
  • Please provide original photo ID either to the school staff member, event coordinator or to the school office. A copy will be taken by the staff member.

Once approved, staff will upload the linking form to the Blue Card website and email to inform you that it has been submitted.

Thank you for your support of our great school and for taking the time to complete this process, which has been created with the best interests and protection of our students in mind.​​
Last reviewed 10 December 2021
Last updated 10 December 2021