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1to1 Technology program - 2019 information

Please find the selection guide below. Return of the final two pages by 30 November confirms selection of CYOD or BYOD for 2019.

To address the needs of an ever-changing world, Kenmore SHS has implemented two models for student access to technology in the classroom and at home: A school-managed Choose your own device (CYOD) and a self-managed Bring your own device (BYOD).

Choose your own device (CYOD)

Choose your own device (CYOD) provides parents with a range of devices to choose from and elect to purchase. The parent initially contributes the cost of the device to the school via a Participation Agreement and an annual Service Guarantee fee of $150 and the school will then purchase the device for their students’ sole use. The School will retain ownership of the device which allows the school to:

  • install and maintain school owned software including Operating System
  • provide full student access to the school network and internet
  • provide full technical support through our school ICT Service Desk
  • provide access to Hot-Swap laptops when the students device is in for repair
  • have Computrace anti-theft software installed as standard on all devices
  • have ‘lemon clause’ protections in place for all purchases
  • fully manage onsite, all Warranty and Accidental Damage Protection (ADP) claim issues.

All devices come with a 3-year warranty (including battery). Devices will all be purchased with ADP warranty, which, from our experience, has been invaluable in minimising the cost of damage that devices used in a school-context often receive.

*2018 ADP statistic: 400 accidental damage claims this year, repaired with $0 excess.*

Bring your own device (BYOD)

Bring your own device (BYOD) allows parents to use an existing family owned device or purchase a new device of their choice that meets the minimum requirements of the school. The student will be required to have the appropriate software to meet the subject requirements that they intend to study.

An annual $100 / $125 fee supports the costs associated with the running BYOD.

The BYOD device will be able to connect to the school wireless network and access the school’s filtered Internet connection as well as access some of the school network drives. Printing from BYOD devices is supported. Because of the potentially broad range of devices and configurations across all student-owned devices, only minimal assistance might be possible through the ICT Helpdesk for issues beyond connection to the network and installation of Adobe software.


It is recommended, where possible, families join the CYOD program

It is the School's belief that the high quality devices, bulk-purchase pricing, 3-year warranty and accidental damage protection, access to Hot-swap devices and full software and support offered; make the program a great value proposition over the life of the technology device.

Accessing the ICT Helpdesk

Our ICT Helpdesk is located in the school library.

Opening hours for students are:

  • from 8am until first bell
  • morning tea
  • lunch
  • after school until 3.30pm.

The Helpdesk can be contacted via or phone (direct) (07) 3327 1582.

When on campus, jobs and requests can be logged via the ICT Services Portal.

Contact information

Should you have any further queries related to the 1-to-1 Technology program at Kenmore State High, please feel free to contact our Head of IT - Daniel Haines.

Last reviewed 27 January 2019
Last updated 27 January 2019