Choose your own device (CYOD)


'Choose your own device' (CYOD) provides parents with a range of devices to choose from and elect to purchase. The parent initially contributes the cost of the device to the school via a Participation Agreement and an annual Service Guarantee fee of $150 and the school will then purchase the device for their students’ sole use.

The School will retain ownership of the device which allows the school to:

  • install and maintain school owned software including Operating System
  • provide full student access to the school network and internet
  • provide full technical support through our school ICT Helpdesk
  • provide access to Hot-Swap laptops when the students device is in for repair
  • have Computrace anti-theft software installed as standard on all devices
  • have 'lemon clause' protections in place for all purchases
  • fully manage onsite, all Warranty and Accidental Damage Protection (ADP) claim issues.

At the end of the Participation Agreement the school will dispose of the device according to Department of Education (DoE) policy. Parents will have the opportunity to acquire the device at this time under the Private Treaty arrangement. As the device will be at the end of its expected life, the school will dispose of the asset to parents for a nominal fee. At this time, the laptop will get restored back to its factory state.

All devices will come with a 3-year warranty (including battery). Devices will all be purchased with ADP warranty, which, from our experience, has been invaluable in minimising the cost of damage that devices used in a school-context often receive.

The school maintains ownership of the device until the end of the agreement so that we are legally allowed to install our school software (Inc. Operating System), as well as being able to manage the warranty and ADP claims. At the end of the three years, or if the student leaves the school, the opportunity to acquire the device will be provided as outlined above. At this point, ownership will be transferred and any remaining ADP coverage may be able to be transferred (depending on vendor terms) for a small fee.

Breakdown of CYOD Service Guarantee fee

  • All warranty and ADP #1 issues handled by the School.
  • Full on-site Technical Support via ICT Helpdesk (8am to 3.30pm) including software rebuilds, network/internet connectivity and printing problems, troubleshooting and fixing software and hardware issues.
  • Access to Hot-Swap Devices when device repair is expected to exceed 24 hours.
  • Microsoft Office Suite, Symantec Endpoint Protection Anti-Virus pre-installed.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud Complete Collection applications available for self-installation via School’s Service Portal.
  • Other school software (MYOB, ClickView, SPARKview, Inspiration, Autodesk Suite and more) for self-installation via School’s Virtual ICT Service Desk.
  • Insurance against loss, fire and theft #2.

#1 excess may apply and there may be a limit to number of claims allowed. This information will be provided within the CYOD Selection Guide and is subject to the terms of the chosen vendor. 2016, 2017 and 2018 CYOD rounds have $0 excess, one claim per calendar year.

#2 excess applies (1st claim = $250, 2nd claim = $500, 3rd claim = Full replacement cost).

Last reviewed 21 December 2018
Last updated 21 December 2018