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Welcome to our Kenmore State High School Education Queensland International (EQI) Student Homestay Program. Each year Kenmore State High School welcomes international students from countries including China, Germany, the Republic of Korea, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Italy, Vietnam, Japan and Iran.

International students enrolled in an EQI high school study program are required to have suitable accommodation and welfare arrangements in place and can either:

  • Reside with a parent, legal custodian or relative approved by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP)

  • Have their welfare undertaken through the Education Queensland International (EQI).

If a student chooses to live with an EQI approved homestay provider, then EQI is responsible for approving the arrangements for the student’s accommodation, support and general welfare.

Kenmore SHS is fully accredited by EQI and has authorised school staff responsible for managing the international student program. Our school staff will carefully assess and approve homestay providers, to ensure students are provided with a safe and supportive home environment whilst they undertake their EQI study program. Further information can be found at the EQI Accommodation & Welfare Policy website.

Homestay information for students

Welcome to Kenmore SHS and our Homestay Program. My name is Rebecca Witherspoon and I am the Kenmore SHS officer responsible for your homestay placement, and for the ongoing monitoring of your homestay experience.

Living within a different culture will be a very new experience, and it will take time to adjust to this new living environment. It is expected that you will experience many different emotions and even homesickness at times. Please know that this is a normal part of the adjustment process, and that there will always be a Kenmore SHS international staff member available to assist you with any homestay problems you may have during your study program.

Australia is a multicultural society and there is no 'typical' Australian family. Your host family may have originally come from another country but now lives in Australia and identify as being Australian. Australian families usually have a mother, father, children and pets (usually a dog or a cat, or both). It is also common to find 'single parent' families where either the mother or the father is responsible for keeping the home and providing care for the children.

The cost of living in Australia is very high, and it is common that both parents work, share household chores and provide care for their children. Australian parents are very busy, and children are expected to help keep the family home clean and tidy. Your homestay parents will warmly welcome you into their home and will also want to include you in their family activities. It is expected that you will be an active, involved and communicative member of the family, and also help keep the home clean and tidy.

If you would like more information about what to expect living in homestay accommodation, please read the Kenmore SHS Student Guide to Homestay (PDF, 1.1MB).

If you would like more information on the EQI Homestay Program, please view the EQI website.

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Last reviewed 27 February 2019
Last updated 27 February 2019