German Immersion and Extension


​​​​​The German Immersion and Extension Program (GIEP) is a program of academic excellence.

It offers students in our broad school community a unique opportunity to challenge themselves academically while becoming highly proficient in German. GIEP is designed for students with little or no previous background in German. Students learn a number of subjects using German as the medium of communication.

Academic research is unequivocal in validating the benefits of learning in an immersion environment over learning in a monolingual classroom. The program operates in a tight-knit family context and sees students exit with a world class education, intercultural skills, fluency in the language and real options for international study and employment. 

Please read the German Immersion and Extension Program Brochure (PDF, 2MB)​​ and below information for more details about this Program of Excellence and how to apply for Year 7. 

Structure of the German Immersion and Extension program

The GIEP teachers are specialists in their respective areas and are either native speakers of German or have extensive experience in the German language. In German Immersion students study up to 70% of their program in the German language. Students and teachers use German to study Mathematics, Science, German, Social Science and Physical Education. This makes for a challenging program. An exchange takes place in Term 4 of Year 10. Students study the regular Year 12 German course in Year 11 and the German Extension course in Year 12. Other subjects are studied in English in Years 11 and 12.


Kenmore has had a sister school partnership with the Engelsburg Gymnasium in Kassel, Germany since 1994. In Year 10 students have the opportunity to spend Term 4 in Germany. Kenmore has been recognized by the German government as a school with an outstanding German program and was the first school in Australia to become a partner school in the international PASCH network in 2009.

Technology and German Immersion

Young people live in a digital world and learn from and through their digital experiences. A technology-rich environment can create an optimal setting for language, subject content and skill acquisition, a setting that breaks out of the constricted environment of the typical paper-and-chalkboard classroom.

All immersion students are expected to have and use a digital device at school. There is a cost associated with this as students purchase a tablet in Year 7 and a laptop computer from Year 9. The school technical team determines the technology devices annually. The purchasing and payment procedure for the device will be communicated in Term 4. Additionally students pay an annual technical support fee directly to the school.

Music Extension and German Immersion

Students may combine Music Extension and German Immersion. Students will need to apply for entry to both programs separately.

Parent Support

The program is supported by a very active and supportive GIEP Parent Support Group.

Enrolment procedure

Students are asked to complete an application form and seek the recommendation of their primary schools. On receipt of the application suitable candidates will be invited to an interview. Students are accepted on the basis of their primary school recommendations, school and other test results and their interviews. After the German Immersion interview successful applicants will be asked to choose one of two immersion strands: Standard program or Standard program plus Music Extension. Students are accepted into a strand and movement between strands after acceptance is only possible if places are available.​​​

Year 7 in 2023

1. Refer to the Program of Excellence Enrolment Guide (PDF, 641KB)​​ to learn how to apply for GIEP for Year 7 in 2023. 

3. Visit the Enrolling at our School​ webpage to learn how to book a Year 7 in 2023 enrolment interview and what additional documentation is required.

Please note Program of Excellence applications for Year 7 in 2023 have now closed and any late submission enquiries should be directed to​.​

​If you reside outside of Kenmore State High School's catchment area and your student is not successful in obtaining a place in a Program of Excellence, the enrolment application will still be considered for a mainstream placement and the enrolment decision will be made by the Principal towards the end of Term 3 or beginning of Term 4. ​

Contact information

Should you have any further queries related to the German Immersion Program at Kenmore State High School, please contact our Head of Languages Ms ​​Chrissie Geuthner at​.

Last reviewed 10 June 2022
Last updated 10 June 2022